The selection committee of the Waheed Samy Award for Excellence in Arabic Writing is pleased to announce the winner of the 2022 Competition! To find out who the awardee is and to view the winning essay, click on the tab labeled "The Award Recipients" in the menu bar.

With this announcement of the Award recipient, the Board of the Waheed Samy Excellence in Arabic Writing Award marks the conclusion of the 2022 award process. The members of the Board want to express their appreciation to all those who participated in the process of granting the 2022 Award. We thank our community of Arabic language learners and teachers, as well as patrons and promoters who support this educational initiative.

Watch this website for the announcement of the next Award contest in 2023!

The Waheed Samy Award for Excellence in Arabic Writing: Announcement of the 2022 Competition!

An award to foster the study of Arabic writing, rhetoric, and style.

Are you interested in demonstrating your skills in Arabic writing, and getting a chance to win $1200?

Plan to participate in the Waheed Samy Award for Excellence in Arabic Writing competition.

Every year, the Department of Arabic Instruction at AUC invites advanced-level students of Arabic language to submit two samples of their writing for consideration for the Waheed Samy Excellence in Arabic Writing award.

This award was established in honor of Dr. Waheed Samy, who was a member of the faculty at the University of Michigan in the Near Eastern Studies Department and at AUC in the Arabic Language Institute.

During his teaching tenure at these institutions, Dr. Samy placed much focus on teaching writing and authored Arabic Writing for Style: al-Kitaba wa-l-uslub (1999) as a resource for writers of Arabic.

It is our hope that this award will not only commemorate Dr. Samy’s work as a teacher of Arabic writing but will also bring attention to Arabic writing as the main ingredient of Arabic learning.

This award is presented annually to a student of Arabic as a Foreign/Second Language who has excelled in the area of writing. Competition for the award is open to students in Arabic programs around the world. Recipients of the award receive $1200 in recognition of their outstanding achievement in Arabic writing. We invite all students of Arabic at the higher levels of proficiency to apply, and we call upon teachers of Arabic worldwide to encourage their students to apply.

"If the urge to write should ever leave me, I want that day to be my last"

Quote attributed to Naguib Mahfuz (New York Time, Oct. 14, 1988)

Photo by Waheed Samy
Photo by Waheed Samy

Who Can Apply?

  • Any student enrolled in an educational institution that offers Arabic language instruction
  • Any student with a minimum of Advanced-High (2+) proficiency

How Does One Apply?

  • Prepare your documentation.
  • Submit your documents.
  • Wait for feedback.

What Documents Does One Need?

  • Two writing samples, each between 750 and 1000 words
  • A letter of endorsement from an Arabic teacher familiar with your writing
  • A completed application form

Submission Instructions

Please visit our application page, fill out the form, and upload your submission!

Send your questions and inquiries to the Award Board at