About Us

Award Recipients

The Award Board has presented awards to five recipients. These are Paula Roetscher (Center for Arabic Study Abroad; 2018–2019), Keegan Terek (Georgetown University; 2016-2017), Collin Tyler (University of Oklahoma; 2015-2016). Mike Turner (University of Texas at Austin; 2014-2015). and our first awardee, Omid Ghaemmaghami (Center for Arabic Study Abroad; 2012-2013).

Board Members

The current members of the Award Board are Dr. Mahmoud Al-Batal. Dr. Iman Soliman, and Dr. Mary Kickham-Samy.

Award Support

To receive information on how to contribute to this project or to make suggestions on how to promote it, please contact the members of the Award Board at board@waheedsamyaward.org